The Uptown Chicago Commission’s Public Safety Committee has instituted a Good Neighbor Policy that recognizes residents, merchants, social services and organizations that enhance the quality of life within Uptown.


The leaders of block clubs, neighborhood organizations, neighborhood businesses and residents in the Uptown community are very focused on reducing crime and enhancing safety. The Good Neighbor criteria includes:

Keeping sidewalks and public ways clean and free of debris, snow, etc.

Controlling disorderly conduct within property and around premises

Maintaining storefront windows to promote commerce and discourage illegal activity on the sidewalks

Actively participating in CAPS

Supporting local businesses

Supporting not-for-profit organizations and community activities


UCC’s goal is to promote the Good Neighbor Policy, which helps make Uptown a safe and enjoyable neighborhood for everyone. Residents, businesses, social service agencies and institutions will be recognized on an on-going basis for exemplifying these qualities.